An unpredictable friend arrives to stay with Kevin at a difficult time in his life ­ and she's only nine inches high. Or in other words.... Skwitty Little Jockbobbler give Scrotty Bimstinkle Boy big headbangers Jane Horrocks voices this ground-breaking new CiTV series which sees actors appearing alongside state-of-the-art computer animation. Jane's character Krystan, a nine-inch high humanoid, has been created using highly sophisticated 'motion capture' technology ­ thought to be a first for British television. LITTLE BIG MOUTH is a new seven-part comedy drama for children which refers to difficult issues with a light touch. It revolves around 10-year-old Kevin Armstrong (Michael Fox) whose mother has been killed in a car accident and whose family is now floundering. Kevin lives with his 13-year-old sister Lindsay (Anneka Warburton) and their father Alan (Nicholas Hutchison) and each member of the family is trying to cope with their loss in their own separate ways. Into this situation sails Krystan, an impulsive, combative character from somewhere under the sea. Kevin and Krystan couldn't be more different. What will they make of each other?