Along with four volunteers, Carol Vorderman and personal trainer, Sarah Williams demonstrate the health benefits of a combination of detox and exercise. Carol's comments

I love this brand new detox and exercise programme and so do our 4 volunteers - Lisa, Janet, Nicci and Karen - real women with real lives, children and jobs. They can't believe the difference.

They have changed shape entirely and have never been hungry in 28 days. Detox is NOT about starving yourself and only eating lettuce. It is about eating plenty of the right foods and enjoying the change you see in yourself.

Sarah Williams, top personal trainer to many celebrities, takes us through 2 different 20 minute exercise routines which you can do at home. One routine is for beginners and one is more advanced. Watch the difference it makes.

We give you the detox rules and pass on tips and advice to make sure that you see the difference too.

Carol Vorderman.

Special Features;
Foods to avoid.
Foods to eat!
The 7 Rules of The Start Up Kit.
Volunteers Extended video diaries