"From How Not to Decorate to how not to dress:  masters of sartorial excellence Colin and Justin take us on a rollercoaster ride of red carpet disasters and nightclub nightmares as they take a look at the worst of celebrity fashion faux pas ever caught on camera." "In a show where the boys guarantee to have your jaw on the floor by the end credits, you'll witness a gobsmacking array of crimes against style.

This wince-inducing romp featured mutton dressed as lamb; mahogany marvels; ill-advised plastic surgery; bits popping out all over the place; celebrity chavs; one-outfit wonders; hair-raising hairdos; and celebrities who just can't master the red carpet walk. There's also a top ten of the very worst. And no star is safe: the boys aren't pulling any punches. "We're opinionated," says Colin. 'We're not afraid to share our opinions with people; we're gobby enough to be honest!' Watch out, celebrities everywhere..."